WordPress just recently announced a security release for all previous versions of WordPress. The latest version 4.8.3 fixes an issue related to a database vulnerability that could lead to a hacked site. 

If you're a ValiusWP customer then your site has been updated to the most recent version and no other action is needed on your part. If you're not a customer, or would simply like to know more about the vulnerability, here is WordPress's blog post on the subject.

In our post, Is Your WordPress Site Secure, we talk about the importance of maintaining and updating your WordPress website. If you're taking the necessary steps to ensure it is, such as doing regular updates, security scans, using secure passwords, removing old or unnecessary plugins and checking for uptime then you can pat yourself on the back. If not then it's time to get started. With WordPress sites, it's usually never a question of if you'll be hacked but when, but this can be greatly, if not completely, mitigated by taking the proper steps to ensure your site stays secure. 

If you need help, have questions, or want us to handle your site maintenance for you, you can find us 24/7 at ValiusWP.com

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Steven is a California native living in the rolling hills of Assisi Italy. Over the last 10 years his digital portfolio includes development, design, UX, marketing, and project management.In 2015 he co-founded Valius WP to bring a decade of experience into a support service designed to help small businesses succeed online.He's the lead developer at Valius WP.

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